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Ron's Model Railroad Passion

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Pacific Crest Lines

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Pacific Crest Lines (PCL) is an original freelanced HO/HOn3-scale model railroad (MRR) designed and built by Ronald S. Fry. Ron reveals the basis for his passion, provides a summary at a glance of his MRR, discusses the historical background for his MRR creation and his concepts for its operation as a miniature transportation sysytem. PDF documents are available below for downloading for you enjoyment.  Watch this page for regular photographic updates of Ron's construction progress starting in 2013.

Igniting a Passion for Model Railroading

Igniting a Passion for Model Railroading...More Than Just a Hobby - I have enjoyed a life-long appreciation of the model railroading hobby. Watch this space for additions describing progress on my project that has finally been allowed sufficient resources to come to reality. Pictures are coming, but for now enjoy the logos (above) I designed for the mailine PCL and its narrow gauge subsidaries. Updated 12/2012.

Model Railroading is more than a hobby; it is a passion of mine that my Grandfather and Dad ignited more than half a century ago with gifts of Lionel and HO engines and cars. Model railroading is a fun, rewarding activity that as most hobbies, takes patience and practice to build a model railroad layout. A good layout is both fulfilling to build and impressive to view. Who doesn’t love a cool looking model railroad? A big layout can have a life of its own. It can combine both the feeling of fine furniture and as a work of art as an expression of its owner’s imagination, building skills, patience, energy and productivity…all the attributes we wish our children to learn and pass on…more (see PDF below)

Summary of the PCL at a Glance

Name: Pacific Crest Lines with narrow gauge subsidiaries of Scotts Bay Lumber &
Navigation Railway (SBL&N) and the Sierra Mining & Timber (SM&T)
Scale: HO/HOn3 (1:87.1)
Size: 22’ x 30’
Prototype: Free-Lanced following Southern Pacific prototype
Locale: Stockton, CA through the High Sierras to Carson City, NV with east & west staging
Era: Mid-1930s
Style: Multi-Level, John Armstrong-Inspired design, Linear Walkaround…more (see PDFbelow)

Background, History & Progress of Ron's Model Railroad

Background, History & Progress of My Model Railroad - Welcome to and enjoy my ongoing lifelong project of designing and building a model railroad to express my historical, artistic and mechanical interests in trains. Today, my passion is expressed through the design, construction and operation of my Pacific Crest Lines (PCL).  The Pacific Crest Lines (PCL) is a free-lanced (hypothetical) railroad based upon prototype practices for a major transportation system operating in the 1930s time period as a bridge route located in the Central to Southern California and operating from the CA coastline through the Sierra Mountains and into Nevada with connections through St Louis and all Eastern markets. The PCL’s existence and prosperous growth scenario is rooted upon historical evidence of the Federal Government’s interest and legal actions in the 1930s to subdue Southern Pacific RR dominance and foster improved competition between the California railroads. PCL is a standard gauge main line railroad that interchanges with SP and Santa Fe and two narrow gauge subsidiary railroads engaged in timber logging, lumber milling and ore mining….more (see PDF below)

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The Pacific Crest Lines, besides operating a standard gauge mailine through central California, also operates a narrow gauge subsidiary of the Scotts Bay Lumber & Navigation Railway with a route that winds its way into the Sierra Mountains to log rich timber assets, returning this timber to the base camp and main lumber mill. The cut lumber is then transported to the port at Stockton.

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The Pacific Crest Lines also operates a narrow gauge subsidiary called the Sierra Mining & Timber Railroad with a route that runs through Diamond Springs and into the Sierras to retrieve ore from mines and returning to an interchange with the PCL in Placerville.

Industry, Design & Operational Notes

Industry, Design & Operational Notes - Industries representative of the locale and 1930s era are modeled throughout the right-of-way. Mainline industries include: fresh produce, vegetables and seafood, sugar beets and sugar processing, cement manufacturing and distribution, beer brewing and distribution, livestock, petroleum, REA freight, and wine. Narrow gauge industries include: timber logging & lumber milling, limestone, ore & gold mining. See the industries, cities and scenic elements modeled on the PCL here…more (see PDF below)

More information on Ron's Model Railroad

More information on Ron's Model Railroad is available by downloading the following PDFs on:

1) Passion of MRR 

2) Summary of Design

3) Historical Basis & Background of Design

4) Operational Notes on Design

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