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Steampunk Coffee Roasters Natchez

There is no large chain coffee shop in Downtown Natchez and for good reason. I’m guessing it is because they’ve heard of Steampunk Coffee and thought it best not to directly compete with them. The behemoth coffee marts haven’t got anything on this charming coffee house. Steampunk is reminiscent of what coffee houses used to be and in some places still are; quaint places to sit and enjoy your morning caffeine fix and gather with friends or make new ones.

Steampunk Coffee Roasters

Located at 114 High Street between Broadway and Canal, about a 10 minute walk from our Natchez bed and breakfast, and convenient to the Convention Center and all the shopping on Franklin Street and Main Street. It’s nestled in a historic brick cabin built in 1868 and the charm pours out of the building as much as the coffee. Even their employees are kind, helpful and dare I say it again, charming. The antique copper espresso maker is a lovely addition to the decor. There’s a bar to sit at and enjoy your drink or watch the show as they make espressos, pour overs or specialty iced drinks. Be sure to go over to the edge of the bar to see all of the in house, home made sweets they have available to tempt you. Just a little something to enjoy with their delicious beverages.

Steampunk Coffee Roasters 4

Speaking of coffee, remember coffee? This is a blog about coffee. It is a coffee house after all, so although you can have them make your caffeinated drug of choice to enjoy there, they also offer a nice selection of packaged fresh roasted coffees to go. A friend told us the Coconut Joe was smooth and delicious and she gets a bag every time she goes. We grabbed a bag of the Sumatra Mandheling. It is a rich dark roast that is very satisfying and smooth, and we’ve been enjoying it every morning since.

Steampunk Coffee Roasters Patio

If it’s a nice day, sit on the front porch under one of their lemon yellow umbrellas and drink in all the history that hangs in the air here in Natchez, or is that the scent of Crepe Myrtle on the breeze? Either way, slow down to the speed of this small community and stop in for a cup and a chat. Steampunk Coffee Roasters is the perfect place to do it and is destined to become your favorite go to coffee house when visiting Natchez.